Selected publications


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  • Britton W. H. Baugher*, Hugh O. H. Churchill*, Yafang Yang, and Pablo Jarillo-Herrero, “Optoelectronic devices based on electrically tunable p-n diodes in a monolayer dichalcogenide,” Nature Nanotechnology 9, 262 (2014). [doi] [pdf]

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  • Britton W. H. Baugher, Hugh O. H. Churchill, Yafang Yang, and Pablo Jarillo-Herrero, “Intrinsic Transport Properties of High Quality Monolayer and Bilayer MoS2,” Nano Letters 13, 4212 (2013). [doi] [pdf]
  • H. O. H. Churchill, V. Fatemi, K. Grove-Rasmussen, M. T. Deng, P. Caroffe, H. Q. Xu, and C. M. Marcus, “Superconductor-nanowire devices from tunneling to the multichannel regime: Zero-bias oscillations and magnetoconductance crossover,” Physical Review B 87, 241401, Rapid Communication (2013). [doi] [pdf]

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  • H. O. H. Churchill, F. Kuemmeth, J. W. Harlow, A. J. Bestwick, E. I. Rashba, K. Flens- berg, C. H. Stwertka, T. Taychatanapat, S. K. Watson, C. M. Marcus, “Relaxation and dephasing in a two-electron 13C nanotube double quantum dot,” Physical Review Letters 102, 166802 (2009). [doi] [pdf]
  • H. O. H. Churchill, A. J. Bestwick, J. W. Harlow, F. Kuemmeth, D. Marcos, C. H. Stwertka, S. K. Watson, C. M. Marcus, “Electron-nuclear interaction in 13C nanotube double quantum dots,” Nature Physics 5, 321 (2009). [doi] [pdf]

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  • Yongjie Hu, Hugh O. H. Churchill, David J. Reilly, Jie Xiang, Charles M. Lieber, and Charles M. Marcus, “A Ge/Si heterostructure nanowire-based double quantum dot with integrated charge sensor,” Nature Nanotechnology 2, 622 (2007). [doi] [pdf]

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